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Rapid Resilience Learning Brief: Harnessing Local Sources of Social Cohesion in Niger

02 Mar 2021
Lichtenheld, A., Inks .L, Tankora, E., & Morrison, L. , Organizational author: The Resilience Evaluation, Analysis, and Learning (REAL) Award
Lessons for Building Resilience in Protracted Crises and Conflict-affected Settings

This brief examines factors that contribute to local-level variation in social cohesion in order to improve programming....

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Livelihood Diversification Analysis Literature Review

23 Sep 2019

The Livelihoods Diversification Analysis (LDA) has two key functions: (1) to inform ongoing and future iterations of resilience programming in Niger, Burkina Faso, and potentially other Sahelian countries, and (2) to...

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